Our energy storage devices are thin film batteries and micro batteries that are designed to offer a flexible range of energy storage capabilities in terms of capacity and voltage. They meet energy requirements of portable consumer electronics, sensors, medical diagnostics markets, etc. Examples include:

  • All solid-state lithium batteries
  • Lithium polymer batteries
  • Nickel/zinc batteries
  • Zinc/manganese batteries

Molecular Diagnostics

Our molecular diagnostics instruments are portable and wearable systems designed to detect molecular markers of human, animal and plant diseases; molecular markers of bacterial and food contamination, and heavy metal contamination in drinking water. They are equipped with electrochemical and/or optical sensors and biosensors, along with electronics that are able to detect the analyte in real time, locally display the results, and wirelessly transmit the results to a remote terminal. Examples include:

  • Electrochemical analyzer

Environmental Monitors

Our environmental monitors are designed to monitor indoor and outdoor air quality within a personal space or within an industrial setting. They can be configured in a portable of fixed location format. They can monitor air quality locally or remotely and can transmit their data via WiFi to a remote terminal or display device. Examples include:

  • Ambient air quality monitor
  • Ammonia gas monitor
  • Sulfur dioxide gas monitor
  • Reticle haze monitor