About Us


Our vision is to develop innovative electronic instruments that improve the human condition and sustain the environment.  


Enx Labs, formerly called ALLNANO, is a research and development company that specializes in developing electronic instruments and technologies used in molecular diagnostics, as well as in energy storage, and environmental monitoring.  By developing or implementing a range of functional materials with optical, electrical, biochemical, and electrochemical properties; depositing, printing and patterning them on a variety of substrates using scalable manufacturing processes; electronically integrating and packaging them in appropriate form factors; we create novel devices with a broad range of applications

Management Team

Dr. Uzodinma Okoroanyanwu is the chief executive officer of Enx Labs. He also leads the management team of the company.  A research associate professor in the department of polymer science and engineering of University of Massachusetts at Amherst, he founded Enx Labs in 2015. He worked previously at Advanced Micro Devices, where he spent 12 years conducting research on advanced lithography and on organic polymer memories, and at GLOBALFOUNDRIES, where he spent 4 years conducting research on advanced lithography. He has published extensively on lithography science and technology and on electronic applications of polymers. His most recent books include Molecular theory of LithographyChemistry and Lithography. A holder of 37 U.S patents, he was educated at The University of Texas at Austin, from where he earned the following degrees: Ph.D. physical chemistry (1997), M.S. chemical engineering (1995), M.A. physical chemistry (1994), B.S. Chemistry and Chemical engineering (1991).